BDSM for Pleasure

After the session I was ready to take on anything with gusto, enthusiasm and love for life … you walloped me more open!  – Ma Deva Tara

Thanks again for the session: it was amazing to have such a vivid and astonishing experience, and for it to feel so beautifully held, safe and calm. - Pauline

Drawing on my extensive experience in Ecstatic BDSM, I create a safe and loving space for intimate surrender and kinky pleasure.

The Exquisite Edge (75-90 mins) – for individuals

I still cannot find the right words to thank you for the fabulous session that we had on Monday. I tried to recall if I’ve ever experienced something so profound, intimate and blissful. I have to admit, I could not remember … thank you very much for everything that you’ve done for me. – Klára Pavlíková

The Exquisite Edge is a journey into surrender and sensation using hands, floggers, canes and fur. Taste the profound joy of Ecstatic BDSM as I take you to the exquisite edge of pleasure and pain.

The Exquisite Edge is the perfect place to start your exploration of Ecstatic BDSM for pleasure: an affordable session tailored to your tastes and desires.

Light-headed through sheer ecstasy and orgasmic bliss, I barely remember the words I gushed about how amazing the session was, how much it completely exceeded my expectations. – Saskia

Faerie really has a magical way with the flogger. He knows how to push your limits while totally respecting them, and that’s a rare thing … I went to a very nice place indeed and was brought back down to earth very safely. – Belle

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Full-Length Session (3 – 4 hrs) – for individuals and couples

“Afterwards as I walked through the streets, the lights seemed much brighter and clearer, my vision was sharp, and I could hear the fizz and whir of the electrical lines by the train station. I was part of the world in a way I had never been before – so wholly connected and yet distinct and separate.” Olivia Fitzgerald (read the full account >>)

A Full-Length Pleasure session is hand-crafted around the things you want to explore. It can incorporate areas of BDSM that excite you or a specific fantasy you want to play out. This can include erotic dominance, role play, structured D/s & service, consensual non-consent play and play piercing. (Read about piercing rituals here and here.)

Full-Length sessions sometimes take the form of a kinky ritual, supporting you in your personal growth and helping you to manifest more of what you want in your life. (Read about kinky magic here and here.)

Full-Length Sessions are open to individuals and couples. The session always begins with an in-depth consultation to ensure that I understand your desires and your boundaries.

As a couple you may want to explore being dominated together, one of you teaming up with me to dominate the other, or one being dominated while the other witnesses.

“London Faerie is such an amazing person! He is fun, got a quick mind and a big heart! And he is really genuine … He has a way of being and looking at you that makes you stay playful with what’s happening during the process … what an amazing ceremony.” Jennie Rehbinder (read the full account >>)

“It was a very good experience to meet you – especially the talk that we had. I think it was like a support of letting myself be, who I really am. I still haven’t understood fully the interaction between us in the session, since it evoked something completely different in me that what I usually experience. But at the same time, I felt it had significance and that some kind of door opened…It is like you come from a totally different world than I, or even dimension…but at the same time, I had to meet you. It feels like so much at home.” – KJ, Copenhagen

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It’s also possible to have a Double-Dom session with me and my partner Marti. Find out more >>

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