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My partner and I recently had a 5-hour kink coaching session with Faerie, and we came away from it enriched in so many ways … we took away enough to practice for a few months, and we look forward to doing another session to take things to an even deeper, richer level. – Kendall and Cupcake (read the full testimonial here >>)

London Faerie - Conscious Kink and BDSM training in LondonBDSM is an advanced form of sexuality and it takes mastery. In Kinky Training sessions I show you how to explore BDSM with love, awareness and presence.

Kinky Training is particularly well suited to couples who want to explore BDSM for the first time or go deeper in their explorations. I have a wealth of experience in training couples, and enjoy watching the excitement grow as you gain confidence in this sexy form of intimacy.

Your Kinky Training session is customised to what you want to explore, and can include:

  • Dominance and submission
  • Impact play (hands, floggers, canes, paddles and other tools)
  • Sensation play (tickling, feathers, wax, clothes pegs etc)
  • Fire
  • Role play
  • Temporary (play) piercing
  • Playing consensually with non-consent

I teach you what you want to know then hold space for you while you practice your new-found skills. If you’re a couple or triad, I give you some space to explore privately at the end of the session – or I can join you if this feels right to you.

If you want to do Kinky Training as an individual, I can arrange someone for you to practice with during the session (for an additional fee).

Our deepest gratitude for your insights, inspiration and support on Thursday. You´ve provided us with some important view on our dynamic which has a great impact on many other things as well. We are looking forward to the things you will send to dig in deeper in understanding and practice. – Anon (Copenhagen)


I feel empowered, learned some new practical skills, and I got to have a good time with lovely people, it was fun and sexy. Thank you! (read the full testimonial here >>)

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Faerie also offers in-depth Practitioner Training for those looking to work in Ecstatic BDSM. This training is aimed at Tantrikas, Courtesans, Escorts and Professional Dominants who want to expand their practice. If you’re interested in Practitioner Training please email contact @ londonfaerie . co . uk to find out more.

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